On this episode I jump right in. Expect bold, honest, and thought provoking perspective.

We live in a modern day reality show, and I don’t mean the kind just for "entertainment" purposes. Our lives have become so wrapped up in social media, and capturing everything we do so that we can share it with the outside world.

We live for the acceptance of others, for likes, popularity and acceptance. We frequent social media as our outside source of inspiration, and can’t seem to understand just why in the hell we are living on a (daily) emotional roller coaster.

Today I feel great, “I’ve got this”, “I’m smashing goals, and feel like a bad ass...” Then the next day we are trying to get the energy to get out of bed, not to mention trying to complete everything else on the list, and when we throw in the towel and binge at lunch, or bypass the gym to go home to a bottle of wine we sink down in a self loathing nightmare.... shame, regret, self hate, and feeling defeated.

Let me tell you this snowball of mental garbage, comparison, not being "good enough", being a failure, and sucking at life, WILL NOT GET BETTER unless you make it your job and get real with where the heck you are leading yourself.

Are we not all, at least to some degree, battling with the NEVER ENDING roller coaster of validation, acceptance, and envy?

If you're ready to untangle the mess tune in, and learn how to retrain your mindset, and understand Perfection Is NOT Reality.

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